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Ya pear Information:
*China Ya Pear with over 2000 years of cultivation history in China, is produced in middle-south of Hebei province. Enjoying natural advantage, traditional producing method and advanced processing technology, it has become one of the popular fruits in China.

*China Ya Pear have regular shape, thin skin and tender flesh, fresh yellow in color, sweet and delicious taste, crispy and juicy with a refreshing. It is also has high nutritive value with the functions of clearing away heat and moisturizing dryness in the lungs. The fruit contains about 87% of water, 10-11% of dissolvable sugar, as well as starch, carbohydrates and various kinds of vitamins.

*In order to stabilize and improve the quality of Ya Pear, our corporation invests to establish two large-scale orchards and the processing factories. A set of scientific and regulation management is applied to pruning, pollination, picking, grading, inspection, storing and transporting. On the other hand, we also adopt wrapping bag technology. Each pear is wrapped by paper bag in the course of growth to effectively prevent from insect, pesticide and pollution. After that, the skin of Ya Pears?looks very fresh and cleans.

*China Ya Pearr are one of the major products handled by our corporation. China Ya Pear has been exported mainly to the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao for more than 30 years. In the recent years, the masses of Ya Pear export to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, Middle East and Europe. It was highly praised by the consumers.
The packing: in cartons of about 18 kg or 15 kg net each, #72 #80 #96 #112 #140 pieces per carton, each pieces individually wrapped with paper or ploythene fruit cap.

*China Ya Pearare famous for its bright skin, pretty shape, juicy crispy pulp and rich vitamin & mineral content. It has good reputation both at home and board.

The reasons we choose the XINFA FRUIT PRODUCTION CO.LTD.as the copartner as follows:
  • The company locates in the largest pear production intersection zone in China and could purchase fruit from four big pear production zone including the Zhaozhou County east pear zone,Ningjin pear zone,Jin County pear zone and Xinji pear zone.
  • In addition,the company has been dealed with the cutomers in this trade for 20 years and could supply the high-class quality fruit to buyers. It could export 5 ship containers per day in the hot-sale season and 200 ship containers annual, which has accumulate a lots export experience in fruit exporting operation and gain good credit standing among the world customers.
  • Therefore,We honestly wish establish long business cooperative relation with the XINFA FRUIT PRODUCTION CO.LTD. for mutually benefit based on the trust and effort each other.
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